Our Florida parenting class has been approved by the Department of Children and Families.

It is a convenient, enjoyable text-based class. You will be able to complete the class in 4 hours. By Florida law, a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course must be 4 hours long. However, you may complete our online class in blocks of 20-30 minutes in your own home as your schedule allows.

You will learn the following during the parenting class:

  • Divorce is the loss of the current family structure.
  • The continuing parental role despite the loss of the current family structure.
  • Processes experienced by adults and children working through loss.
  • The positive impact on children of a continuing relationship with both parents.
  • Types of support that children need from both parents.
  • The developmental stages of childhood.
  • How divorce may impact childhood development.
  • What parents can do to minimize the impact of the divorce on the children.
  • When to seek additional help for children.
  • How to discuss divorce-related issues with children based on their developmental stage.
  • The negative impact on children of a parent expressing anger toward the other parent.
  • The benefits of keeping the children out of the parental conflict.
  • How to establish a relationship with the other parent that minimizes the children's exposure to parental conflict.
  • The power and control dynamics of domestic violence.
  • The state-wide toll-free domestic violence hotline telephone number.
  • How to recognize child abuse and neglect.
  • The statutory mandate to report child abuse or neglect.
  • The penalties for false reports of child abuse or neglect.
  • General information about Florida family law.
  • Statutory definitions relating to court issues involving divorcing or separating parents with minor children.
  • The benefits to children of maintaining a stable, consistent relationship with both parents.
  • How to develop a parenting plan.
  • How to effectively communicate with the other parent about parenting time.
  • Definitions of key terms relating to your court case.
  • Books about divorce and separation that may help parents and children cope.
  • Links to resources in your community.

We believe our Florida parenting class is the best. Florida law changed recently, eliminating the terms "custody" and "visitation" from the law. Also, under the new law, there is no longer a "primary residential parent" or "secondary residential parent." Instead, the terms used are "time-sharing schedule" and "parenting plan." Our class explains these recent changes and has the most current information relating to Florida law about time-sharing. Our class even includes sample Parenting Plans and Time-sharing Schedules to help you get started planning your future. We hope you enjoy our parenting class and that it brings peace to your future.

Approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families.
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