• Awesome.

    William R.
  • The class was very helpful to me, good understanding, good timing for me to read through all the material, also a good price. I would recommend to friends and family.

    Maria Q.
  • Great information.

    Kellani O.
  • There are very good ideas here for communication with co-parenting.

    Lisa T.
  • I learned a lot, it was very helpful.

    Jorge L.
  • Very informative.

    Jessica T.
  • What a great course and reassured me of questions I had while providing me with key and in important information needed that I hadn’t yet known.

    George P.
  • Very educational class and easy to complete.

    Darida G.
  • This class opened my eyes and showed me the proper ways of handling my divorce through my children's eyes and the emotional support that everyone involved will need.

    John R.
  • Very informative. All areas were covered and interesting. Learned a lot.

    Sam D.
  • Good information for parents going through divorce.

    Roderick D.
  • Very interesting. Full of information--legal, mental, and fiscal. Thanks.

    Fernando L.
  • Very Helpful. So happy I really sat and listened and found a lot of errors in my ways and will continue to better myself for my daughters.

    Jennifer B.
  • I didn't think this class was necessary until I took it. It was very informational.

    Jacqueline W.

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